Walk your way to a healthy lifestyle by becoming a member of the Clifton-Fine Hospital Walking Club!

Walking is an ideal low impact aerobic exercise. If done regularly, it can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, lower total cholesterol, raise healthy HDL cholesterol and lower blood pressure. It can help maintain healthy bones and muscles, stabilize blood sugar, improve immunity and relieve some of the stress in your life.

The Clifton-Fine Hospital Walking Club helps its membership with the motivational side of walking. We provide information, a walking log, a walking guide and recognition for maintaining an ongoing walking program.

Step 1 - By joining the Club, you will receive an informational packet, log form and pedometer.

Step 2 - Complete 100 Miles - Receive Certificate

Step 3 - Complete 300 Miles - Receive Certificate and a CFHWC water bottle.

Step 4 - Complete 1000 Miles - Receive Certificate and a CFHWC t-shirt.

Member accomplishments will also be recognized in the Clifton-Fine Hospital Quarterly Newsletter.

Walking is one of the
easiest ways to be
physically active!

So let's get walking!

Download Your Walking Log

To receive a Clifton-Fine Hospital Walking Club informational packet, contact:

Malinda Riquelme
Executive Assistant
Clifton-Fine Hospital
1014 Oswegatchie Trail
Star Lake, NY 13690
(315) 848-3351 ext. 264
E-mail: mriquelme@cliftonfine.net

Sponsored by
The Wilderness Healthcare Foundation

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