The Swing Bed Unit at Clifton-Fine hospital offers around the clock care for patients in transition between a hospital stay and discharge to home. The swing bed unit admits eligible Medicare patients and private insurance patients with prior authorization.

For Medicare patients, during the first 20 days after admission there is no cost to the patient. Medicare pays 100% of the cost of the room, therapies, x-rays, laboratory fees, medications, and physician visits. There may be extra charges to the patient for personal care items if not supplied by the patient.

Prior to a patient's admission to the Swing Bed/Skilled Nursing Unit, a pre-admission evaluation is made of the patient to determine admission criteria and predict length of stay. The length of stay among patients varies but the average is 7-14 days. Referrals for Swing Bed admission are made from within the hospital or outside the facility. Members of nursing staff, physicians, case manager, or family members can make in-house referrals. Outside referrals are made from area hospitals or physicians.
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Criteria for Admission
To be considered for admission to the Swing Bed unit, the patient's condition is at a stable level and acute patient care is not required. The patient requires skilled nursing care and/or therapy.

Who is a Candidate
Patients with recent joint replacements,who are in need of physical therapy. Stroke patients who do not qualify for
admission to a Rehab Center but could improve their level of capability. Patients with long-term illnesses such as cancer
or immune deficiency diseases.

Skilled Services Include
IV antibiotics
Tube feedings and nutritional stabilization.
Application of dressings that may involve prescriptions, medication and aseptic techniques.
Instructions and care of wounds and ulcers.
Terminal care for patients needing pain control or skilled supportive care.
Patient education for insulin administration,testing blood sugars, and diet management.
Joint replacement therapies

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